How to Choose the Right Knee Sleeve for Arthritis

Arthritis is a painful condition that causes inflammation in the joints of the body. It can affect any joint, but it's most common in the hands, shoulders, and knees.


  • Osteoarthritis, or OA
  • Rheumatoid
  • Post-traumatic 
  • Psoriatic

All of these types of this condition can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, but these drugs have side effects and other limitations, especially when used in the long term. A better, viable solution for drug-free, continuous, reliable relief is the knee sleeve. It's a great way to relieve arthritis knee pain. 


It's a type of flexible fabric that is worn over the knee. It provides support and pain relief through gentle compression. These sleeves gently reduce swelling, too. 
Here at ArthritisHope, we provide several different types of sleeves for the relief of your arthritis knee pain
  • The Compression sleeve

  • The Silicone Pad sleeve

  • The Electric Heating sleeve

Each of these four models offers unique features that work together to effectively relieve your knee pain. 
This model slips comfortably over your knee to provide support, comfort, pain relief and just the right amount of healing compression. It provides warmth to the affected knee joint by keeping the area at constant body temperature. Special breathable materials and silicone technology allow for all-day wearing comfort. The silicone assures that the sleeve remains in one place, with no slippage. The compression effect increases blood flow.
Try this model for your swollen knee. Effective for meniscus pain, too. 
This model is perfect for easing aching knee pain from arthritic conditions, fibromyalgia, and overuse. Featuring a silicone protective pad, also called a damping silicone ring, it encourages improved circulation, which in turn helps to reduce swelling. This product is supremely comfortable to wear all day long, due in part to its unique four-way stretch fabric. The fabric provides perfect support to the knee area without sacrificing comfort one bit. The silicone pad also provides support to the patella or kneecap. 
The Silicone Compression model also has spring strips. These strips provide additional support while helping to avoid sprains and strains as you go about your daily routine. The product's fabric also has 3D braiding technology. This technology gives proper compression and knee support while also absorbing moisture for greater skin protection. 
This model provides soothing heat to the painful knee area. It's perfect for post-surgical pain. It's also great for that aching knee that keeps you up at night. It's suitable for both chronic and acute pain and arthritic knee pain of all types. It works for strains, sprains and injury prevention. It can be used as a cold pack. It has a built-in net pocket for ice bags. This product is hand washable in cold water. Just wash it gently with a gentle washing product like Woolite. Press it carefully in a thick towel to remove excess water. Do not wring. Lay it on a soft towel, out of the sun or direct heat to dry. 
The Electric Heating model has three heat settings: first, second and third. This is a heat range of 100.4 degrees F. to 149 degrees F. 5V USB input from 100.4-111.2℉/ 38-44℃ 8.4V Adapter input from 104-149℉/ 40-65℃ 
Let ArthritisHope help you with your knee sleeve needs. We offer the best in product quality and customer service. We look forward to helping you.


  • Hi could you tell me which one to buy I’ve already got the over but I need more support I’ve got osteo . Rheumatoid also vascular plus a stent in my groin desperate I’m in so much pain I’m not allowed to take Mobic anymore as I’m diabetic its affected my kidney plz help

    Leanne Sterio
  • So which one should I havet I have bad arthritis in my left knee very painfull

    Norma Stewart
  • Me gustaría tenerlas para mis dolor de rodillas

    Maria Tinoco
  • I have been using the Silicone Compression Knee Sleeve for a couple of weeks now. This has helped manage the pain as I’m due for a knee replacement this fall. Of all the different ones I have tried this is by far the best and helps me get through my days.

    Steve Bosley
  • Are these products Avalalable in Australia….

    Michael Stent

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