This HEALTHY KNEE PACK offers support and relief to the knee for those who suffer from pain and limited mobility provoked by arthritis or any other ailment of the knee.

  • Reduces pain and discomfort✔️
  • Controls swelling✔️
  • Increases the mobility of your knee✔️



    • This arthritis sleeve is designed to give support to the knee in a comfortable way. This is an excellent lightweight sleeve with a breathable material that allows you to carry out daily activity with ease. Plus, there are seven size options available, so finding the right fit is easy.

    Key Features:

    • OPTIMAL COMPRESSION: Applying the right compression to the whole area of the knee can make the blood flow reducing the inflammation and the pain. Also, the compression knit comfortably massages the soft tissue during movement. This reduces pain and speeds up the absorption of edemas and effusions with intermittent compressions.
    • RELIEVES PAIN: Reaches the joint space of the knee and alleviates pain in the meniscus.
    • HEATING EFFECT: Designed with 3D braiding technology to keep the leg warm at body temperature and reduce stiffness. This heating effect provides a different aspect to pain relief.
    • ANTI-SLIP SILICONE: Anatomically shaped and sits perfectly without slipping, ensuring all-day comfort.
    • COMFORTABLE: Breathable materials, very elastic edges, and an extra-soft area at the back of the knee ensure optimal wearability. Fiber contents: 70% Nylon, 20% Spandex, 10% Latex.




With 8 NATURAL ingredients to recover from pain, the ArthritisHope Pain Relief Cream penetrates through the skin to target arthritis in your joints, bringing a fast relieving sensation.

You can apply this pain relief cream directly on the affected area around the joint, treating the pain, rather than taking painkillers in tablets, which must be broken down in the stomach first.

Strengthening exercises for joints are particularly important; they help build up the muscles that move, protect and support them. If people move less, muscles around the joint weaken and it becomes less stable.

    The cream was designed to use daily from 3-4 times daily to recover from pain. As your symptoms improve, you can reduce the frequency of applications.

    1. Apply and massage the cream onto affected areas 
    2. Wash your hands before and after you apply the cream
    3. Never touch your eyes or mucous membranes when you have arthritis cream on your hands
    4. If irritation occurs or if notice your skin is sensitive to the product, stop using the cream

    Apply the cream around the entire joint and at least three inches above and below the joint. Massage in until absorbed.
    Reapply a small amount on the pain center and massage in until absorbed.
    Reapply before bedtime and in the morning

    This Gel pack provides instant pain relief to sprains, strains, swelling, etc.
    Convenient to Use:
    - Store in refrigerator or freezer, use a small cold compress anytime
    - Hot packs microwavable as heat therapy for aches and pain

    We also recommend:

    • Heat Therapy for Joint Pain after a long day, soaking in a steaming shower or bathtub, sipping a cup of hot tea, or cozying up in a warm robe can make you feel comforted and soothed. There's a reason you reach for heat when you need relief from pain or stress: Heat is relaxing. Stiff, tense, and sore muscles can be relaxed and relieved with a little heat, and joints affected by arthritis pain are no different. Not only does heat relax muscles, it also stimulates blood flow and improves circulation, helps increases range of motion, and reduces stiffness in painful joints.
    • Cold Therapy for Joint Pain when arthritis pain causes a sensation of burning, cool it off with cold — applying an ice pack or even a bag of frozen vegetables (easier to wrap around an area like a knee) can help to numb areas affected by joint pain. Cold therapy can reduce inflammation, a major cause of arthritis joint pain and stiffness. Placing a cold pack on a swollen joint can also help bring it back down to size, which will also lessen joint pain.
    The Art of Using Hot and Cold Therapy Hot and cold therapy each have their own appropriate uses. You should never apply heat to a joint that is already hot, red, and irritated, for example, nor should you apply cold to a joint that's stiff and not moving well.
    Remember, heat helps muscles relax; old helps to minimize inflammation and pain. It's also important to be careful when using hot and cold therapy to manage arthritis pain, or you might end up with damage to your skin from exposure to relatively extreme temperatures.