Knee & Leg Brace
Knee & Leg Brace
Knee & Leg Brace

Knee & Leg Brace

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This Knee & Leg Brace serves as excellent support for your entire legs. If you suffer from arthritis this product will be great to give support to this whole are.


1. Unique magnetic fibers increase microcirculation which is great for arthritis, hemarthrosis water, bone spurs, bone hyperplasia, vasculitis and sprains.

2. Uniformly attached to knee skin, great elasticity.

3. Magnetic fiber emission is very good.

4. Works with regenerative thermal energy which allows for faster heating than ordinary cotton fabric and promotes blood circulation, fatigue relieve and leg numb pain.

5. Ultra thin technology.

6. Breathes freely.

7. Highly elastic for any figure.

8. Not easy to slide.