X- Over Compression Sleeve 2Pack

The New X-Over Knee Sleeve offers a new level of premium support, compression and relief without compromising your mobility.

We carefully designed this new compression sleeve to provide comfort with lightweight and breathable materials to enjoy your daily activities with ease.

The sleeve has a series of specially designed features to keep it steady and to offer you maximum comfort and support.


  • NEW ELASTIC STRAPS: Crossing over the straps creates the perfect structure that holds the knee in the correct place with lots of comforts. 

  • RIGHT COMPRESSION: It gives the right amount of compression to the knee, improving blood circulation, reducing pain and speeding up the absorption of edemas and effusions with intermittent compressions.
  • HEATING EFFECT: The new 3D braiding technology offers a light and soft material that creates a heating effect reducing the stiffness in the knee.
  • DESIGN: The Anatomical shape of the knee with the best support. It has breathable, and anti-odor moisture-wicking fabric that ensures optimal wearability.

  • ANTI-SLIP SILICONE: The combination of the smooth silicone edge with the velcro elastic straps will prevent any slippage or rolling down even on high impact activities.
  • PAIN RELIEF: The structure disperses energy and shifts pain away reducing inflammation and swelling, reaching the joint space of the knee and alleviating the meniscus. 

The pain and discomfort associated with arthritis can be debilitating. When a patient suffers from arthritis, finding a knee sleeve that offers support and effective pain relief, while also being comfortable, can be a challenge. There are many products on the market and they all work differently. But due to the unique and all-encompassing aspects of this compression sleeve, this product will provide the best knee support you can find.