50 Things You Can Do Today to Manage Arthritis

The Long Search

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This book tells the story of my search for help for rheumatoid arthritis without using any drugs, as I was aware that all drugs have side effects. I was on four the strongest at one time. What I discovered enabled me to dispense with these, one by one. In addition to diet and supplements, there were many other sources of help which have been invaluable over the years since I first started with this disease. Self healing is hard work. The first thing to do is to take personal responsibility for yourself. You learn what is best for your body-what it needs. You also have to look at anything which is hindering your progress in healing. Sometimes you need to change something in your life. This is not always easy or possible. If we cannot change something we have to learn to accept it. The next thing is to be as pure and free from toxins as possible, by regular detoxification methods as described in the book. What you eat and drink is of paramount importance. Diet is described; food should be as uncontaminated by additives, pesticides, colorings and chemicals as is possible. The diet should be mainly alkaline. Animal fat causes stiffness and pain. Fresh vegetables and salads should constitute a large part of the diet. Food supplements play a large part in a healing programme for arthritis. Complementary therapies are useful and beneficial. Other important factors include regular exercise, correct breathing and fresh air. Personally I have found these to be invaluable - yoga, relaxation and meditation. Spiritual healing is often very successful. The importance of your mind cannot be over-emphasized; your thoughts can change your life, bringing peace and harmony, which lead to the healing of mind, body and spirit.

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