Compression Stockings 30-40 MMHG


The compression technique is scientifically known to reduce swelling and pain by enhancing blood circulation, benefiting those who live with chronic pain on a daily basis.
These compression stockings are perfect for anyone living with chronic leg pain, such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, or injury. It is also ideal for those living with diabetes and troublesome varicose veins. People with larger or smaller calves than average can also find comfort in these—the sizes differ overall around 6 inches from small to large.

With a breathable, flexible fabric, you can wear these on a daily basis without compromising your mobility or general movement. The thickness is comfortable enough where you can still wear your regular shoes! Choose between several different colors, like black, navy, white, khaki, brown, and gray.

  • COMPRESSION BENEFITS: Designed to promote blood circulation and oxygen flow, therefore preventing cramping, fatigue, and swelling. Compression also helps in muscle recovery, spider veins, varicose veins, and diabetic conditions. It prevents recurrence of thrombosis of lymphedema after surgery.
  • COMFORTABLE: We carefully designed and manufactured our compression stockings to provide premium support, comfort, and relief without compromising your mobility.
  • HIGH-QUALITY: High-quality fabrics are blended to fight odor, bacteria, and moisture for the maximum level of comfort. Due to the comfort, these stockings are ideal for everyday use.
  • Compression: 15-20 mmHg


Measure the circumference of your lower leg and your ankle. Then, measure the length of your calf. Select the correct size chart based on your measurements.