Compression Sleeve for Knee Arthritis 2Pack (10% Discount)

This Arthritis sleeve is designed to give support to the knee in a comfortable way for people who suffer from pain and limited mobility provoked by arthritis or any other ailment on the knee. This is an excellent light weight sleeve with a breathable material which allows you to carry out daily activities with ease.

Effective for Knee Arthritis:

  • RELIEVES PAIN:Reaches the joint space of the knee and alleviates pain in the meniscus.
  • OPTIMAL COMPRESSION: Compression knit comfortably massage the soft tissue during movement. This effect reduces pain and speeds up the absorption of edemas and effusions with intermittent compression.
  • HEATING EFFECT: Designed with the newest 3D braiding technology to keep the leg warm at body temperature and reduce the stiffness.
  • ANTI-SLIP SILICONE: Anatomically shaped and sits perfectly without slipping.
  • COMFORTABLE: Breathable materials, very elastic edges, and an extra soft area at the back of the knee ensure additional wearing comfort.

 Compression Sleeve for Knee Arthritis

Who should use the Knee Sleeve?

When a patient suffers from arthritis, finding a knee sleeve that offers support and effective pain relief while also being comfortable to put on can be a challenge. This is the optimal knee support you can find for anyone who suffer knee pain.

David says: "This knee sleeve is exactly what I needed. It keeps my joint secure and gives me the security to enjoy time with my family"

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