Dressing Aid Assist Device Tool for Arthritis

This device is an essential daily living tool for anyone suffering from limited dexterity caused by Arthritis.



This Dressing Aid Assist Device Tool eliminates the pain and frustration that comes from buttoning small buttons.

The non-slip handle provides a comfortable secure grip while enabling independent dressing.

For use on any size of button, the button hook makes buttoning clothing hassle free, perfect for those with limited dexterity and those suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel.

The non-slip, extra wide handle is extremely easy to grasp and has been designed to facilitate an effortless grip.


The steel wire loop is slim, yet durable. Easily sliding through small buttonholes, the wire loop is smooth and will not snag the fabric or buttonhole threads. The wire loop narrows at the tip to lock the button in place, making pulling it through the buttonhole easier.

Perfect for arthritic hands, the latex-free cushioned handle is comfortably wide to allow for greater control when securing buttons or zipping pants, jackets or other clothing.

A steel zipper hook makes zipping clothing and jackets easy. The narrow hook slides into most zipper pulls for added convenience.