Pain Relief Pen

Clinically proven Pain Relief Pen.
Designed for chronic pain.
Pain Releif Pen

Natural body calming: The device has a spring activator connected to the external button, which strikes against the piezoelectric converter to produce energy in the wearer's skin, relieving chronic and acute pain, pain in limbs, backache, shoulders, etc.

    Key Features:
    • Comfortable size: Easy to use.
    • No side effects: Good for your health.
    • Stimulates: The nervous system.
    • Relieves pain quickly.
    • No batteries required.

    How to Use it:

    1. Firmly wrap your finger around the metal ring. 
    2. Place the pen over the point of the pain and click the gray button 30 to 40 times, each time for 30 seconds.

    Not suitable for: 

    1. People that use a pacemaker 
    2. The carotid artery and front throat 
    3. Head and larynx muscle 
    4. Open injury 
    5. Heart 
    6. Eye pain 
    7. Body parts implanted with metal 
    8. Places near oxygen and flammable liquid 
    9. Epileptics

    >>Risk-free! If you are not satisfied we will send your money back.<<