Sock on Z

This device is designed to give support to people with mobility limitations or injuries in a comfortable way. 

The fast & easy way to put on & take off your socks comfortably.

Key Features: 
  • Easy to use.
  • For all types of socks: (Dress, Casual, Athletic & Compression) it also works as a shoe horn.
  • Easy to carry everywhere.

 Sock on Z parts:

  1. System Base
  2. Sock Cradle
  3. Handle Top

How to Use it:

  1. Place your sock heel-side down in the Sock on Z  and roll the cuff down the sides of the cradle until the toe is at the top.

2. Once the sock is in place, use the handle to gently lower the Sock on Z system to the floor.

    3. Slowly ease your foot into the sock opening, sliding your heel to the bottom of the sock cradle, until the sock is fully on your foot. If needed, use the handle to hold the Sock on Z System's cradle in place.